is the creation of
hyper contextual parking solutions

Domain Advertising Logo is a domain marketing traffic aggregator. Everything we do is tailored to meet the unique requirements of our publishers and advertisers, to maximize their returns. We focus solely on top-level interest and buy-in from the best advertisers and advertising aggregators for domain traffic across all types of ad inventory.

Our domain publishers have small to large portfolios of high quality traffic. Despite the variety in scale, each customer is ensured personalized account management and optimization services that will maximize returns. Our advertising customers are medium-to-large advertisers, advertising agencies and advertising networks that are served innovative inventory products guaranteed to meet their volume, performance and value goals. has carved out a niche for itself by leveraging its strong partnerships with over a hundred vertical and geo-specific ad networks. We have discovered that with the right treatment, domain traffic is capable of delivering more tangible value for each ad dollar spent than any competing online ad medium. Our objective is to evangelize this discovery and introduce domain advertising as a serious, strong and long-term advertising platform to advertising agencies while maintaining the benefits that come with working with aggregators and advertising networks.